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Why You Need to Develop Health Life Skills

As healthcare moves towards a systems approach, there will be less and less personalised preventative medicine tailored medicine.   Software systems in the healthcare sector are designed for a broad approach to health and people will need to learn and develop health skills for the future. Mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and suicide continue to be major concerns for all communities, including the medical professional itself. We need …Read More

3 Tips to Stay Happy & Healthy

Tip #1 HOW TO  GET A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP. 1. Have a warm bath with bath salts. 2. Dry off, then oil massage arms, legs, face and neck 3. Use quality SESAME OIL for massage 4. Massage in long strokes for skin to absorb Sesame Oil This helps quieten the body and mind quieten down. It nourishes the skin, improves circulation and reduces tension in the mind. Best to do …Read More

New Year 2017 Health Challenge & Resolution

A wonderful time at the start of a New Year to set yourself a health challenge and resolution.  Starting afresh on your health kick to stay fit, healthy and energetic for the year. This is easier said than done as we know how easy it is to start off highly motivated and then drop off.  So the first resolution for your new healthy YOU is that you will continue for …Read More

Reflection is Important, Here’s Why

LIFESTYLE & BUSINESS Why it is important to look back to get ahead.  Life Lessons come out of reflection but so few people take the time to do it.  However it is important to highlight  the changes you want to make and the lessons you have learnt over time. History repeats itself over time and it is more important than ever to keep looking back when planning for the future. …Read More

3 Tips Stress Management & Health: Here’s How

Happy Friday. Are you stressed? Need a change. Why not try these 3 steps to health short program. Learn more contact at info@executivetalnet.com.au HEALTHY MASTERY 3 Steps to Health and Wellness Masterclass Diet, Lifestyle, Reduce Anxiety Ayurveda Cooking Essentials, Ayurveda Knowledge, Know yourDosha or Constitution, Mindfulness Meditation Stress Management Training Rejuvency offers health and wellness resources and programs to keep you on the right track.  Contact to book or find …Read More

Agile Health Skills, Here’s How

Why Agile Health is an Essential Skill Sets In today’s stressed, complex global business environment there is little time devoted to developing agile health skills.  Business leaders need to be prepared to grow a culture of wellness and build an agile workforce.  Agile health skills are essential. A good habit to develop is to consciously create time for identifying the best agile health skills that meet your needs.  There is …Read More

Develop Your Wellness Through Yoga

YOGA Yoga an integrative system of holistic health concepts  offers profound teachings and understanding of mind-emotions-physical distress  in modern times. Underlying Principles of Yoga   You are responsible for your health and well being You must take the initiative to develop positive health Increase your self reliance and self knowledge Improve flow of energy through the body Relax, regenerate and reinvigorate yourself Decrease your stress level by understanding your mind …Read More

Technology is Changing Healthcare Delivery

Rapid and dramatic transition from old models of healthcare delivery to new models of medical delivery means  these new models of healthcare will include tele health, remote monitoring, advanced analytics, interoperability, chronic disease management, decreased costs to providers. As we know the most important part of the medical relationship model is the patient/physician however with massive changes in the new medicine models these relationships will become fragmented. The trust built …Read More

What is Reflection, and Why Do we Need It?

In today’s stressed, complex global business environment there is little time devoted to reflection.    It’s is an essential skill for develop.. What is reflection? Reflection and critical reflection are terms borrowed from education.  Simply it means  ‘turning experience into learning (and taking appropriate action)’.   Sounds easy?   A good reflection process requires three conditions : (1)    Time to reflect (2)    Critical Thinking Skill (3)   Act …Read More

Integrity of Choice of Treatment

Person-centred care. Recently I reflected on an article from Paolo Roberti di Sorsina MD in relation to pain. He suggests that we need to pay more attention to pain as it emerges prior to any decisions about treatment.  It is interesting to note that it is on this point of attribution of the value of pain that determines one’s state of health.   This is because pain is a complex experience, …Read More