Yoga is the science of union and wholeness and a strong focus on the mind and consciousness.  For thousands of years Ayurveda and Yoga have united together to enhance our total well-being.    It is a recognition that a healthy body and mind, are assets on the spiritual path.

Ayur means life, health.  Veda means knowledge, science,  Ayurveda is the science and knowledge of how to live a healthy life.  It has a strong focus on well-being and preventative health, yoga,  physical body and relationships.  It is the medicine dating back 5,000 years with its origins in the Vedic

Ayurveda recognises  three different body types and constitutions.  These are called the Doshas.   They are Vata – vital movement, dryness, wind quality;  Pitta – transformation, leadership, fire quality;  and Kapha – structure, heaviness, earth quality.  Each of us has a unique mix of these qualities  that create our individual personal characteristics.   Vata type people tend to be light and changeable, Fire type people tend to be more firey and intense, and Kapha type people tend to be more easy going and nurturing.

The goal of Ayurveda is to determine the balance of these qualities and to find where there is an imbalance.  These imbalances can then be treated accordingly with diet, yoga, cooking  and other natural therapies until an inherent healthy balance is re established.

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