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Why You Need to Develop Health Life Skills

As healthcare moves towards a systems approach, there will be less and less personalised preventative medicine tailored medicine.   Software systems in the healthcare sector are designed for a broad approach to health and people will need to learn and develop health skills for the future.

Mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and suicide continue to be major concerns for all communities, including the medical professional itself.

We need to provide better services in the health  sector including seeking support for local people suffering from eating disorders, veterans’ mental health issues and a number of other problems.   These are major concerns and it’s important to provide tailored programs to teach new life skills that people develop for themselves to improve not only the quality of their lives but, with simple techniques, improve their lifestyles. The benefits are not only to the healthcare with reduced health costs but learning how to use preventive lifestyles such as good quality food to improve peoples’ lives.

It is important to  develop preventive health life skills  that helps people understand the nature of their eating disorders by introducing good quality cooking and dietary habits.  Other aspects of yoga/relaxation practice are particularly beneficial for mind-body health.

It’s important to adopt health and wellness programs that are both holistic, preventative based on evidence at the intersection between medicine, science, holistic & preventative health, stress management techniques etc that assist reducing anxiety, improve lifestyle habits and tailored to individuals.

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