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What Others Say

“The program  design was enhanced by a highly engaging, understanding and helpful, capable group leader”  Ruth

“Amazing in depth  program.  Found the material very helpful and  informative, and group leader knowledgeable.”  Frank

“I found explanation of  difficult concepts very clear.  Enjoyed subject matter and a developed sound program”  Veronica

Rejuvency Lifestyles

Rejuvency Lifestyles

“Friendly, engaging, enjoyed group participation and competent group leader”  Francis

“It was good to be in a program where the presenter knew the topic well to allow free flow and exchange of ideas and experiences.”  Schu Tan

“An excellent & participative course fostered by good leadership and sound direction.”. Stephen

“Created a relaxed atmosphere and encouraged joining in but without pressure.”  Paul

“This course is excellent is that it gives you practical, transferable skills to use in your life.  It also increases your confidence.  I feel more confident and learnt many things.  It’s come at a good time for me.”  Narelle

“Excellent group interaction and sharing  It was good to share successes and feeling not being alone in various ways.”  Linda

“Good style of leadership -was very inclusive of people.  Gained in depth insights  from the Managing Difficult People course.” Peter

“Appreciated very good leadership which enhanced the course.  By being well organised, friendly approachable it was a positive experience.”Steve

“Excellent course and benefit from a leader who, handled the group  well and knows her stuff.  Andrew

“Thanks again for the obvious thought and effort you put into each of the evenings.  I derived positive benefits from attending your Leadership 101 course, and your role in running it clearly demonstrated a high degree of competency.”  Geoff

I”I enjoyed participating in the program and enjoyed the concept of ‘flow of energy.  I enjoyed it very much and think it has many positive benefits.”  Cathy

Rejuvency Lifestyle for Good Communications

Rejuvency Lifestyle for Good Communications

“Engaged the group.  Inclusive style of leadership.”  Pat

“”I gained a lot of valuable insights from the role plays.”  Val

“Excellent leader.  Well lead, interested in the group and participatory.”  Stephen 

“I would have liked a longer course, as it only lasted 4 weeks.  The entire course was great and the leader proactive and enocourageing.” Lorna

“Excellent leader, great participation, open discussion.  Encouraged learning.”  Scott

“I was very happy with the outcome of the program and the leader’s positive and encouraging approach.”  Simon

“Highly skilled leader not only for  the techniques but also Awareness, which is more important than know how.”  Sam

“Excellent variety of activities to do.  Interesting exercises. Nice group of people.  Relaxed atmosphere.” Gupta

“Excellent program,  clarified  what is Stress and how to manage it.”  Arthur

“The entire course was beneficial and the leader proactive and encouraging.  The exercises, group discussions and book a marvellous guide and continued reference.” .  Vicky