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Reflection is Important, Here’s Why


Why it is important to look back to get ahead.  Life Lessons come out of reflection but so few people take the time to do it.  However it is important to highlight  the changes you want to make and the lessons you have learnt over time.

History repeats itself over time and it is more important than ever to keep looking back when planning for the future.    If you keep repeating the same mistakes over and over, perhaps it’s because you haven’t stopped to ask you WHY?  Look for the root cause of a problem, and then you can do something about it.

2017 is going to be ridiculously amazing

Whether you are managing your lifestyle or managing growth for a business, it is a double edged sword.  Grow too slowly and you miss the opportunity, and if you change too quickly, you take the risk of not grounding the changes and going back to square one.

Life has a habit of throwing us difficult problems, for example, cutting the Gordian knot is commonly used to described solving a complex problem with a bold action.  However, you can look at the situation either  taking the time to untie the knot or if you are more impetuous cut the knot with a sword.

When we are impatient we tend to overspend too quickly without thinking through what we actually need to achieve or if we are too slow in making decisions we get frustrated by making nothing happen.

This is a tough act to manage but it seems there needs to be a balance in life, work and decisions making.  When we seem to hold on to  old habits it is time to start  disciplining a healthy  mind mentality and, in business, a small business mentality, this keeps a lid on the cash flow tight and decision making fast.

Whether you think of yourself as a brand or having a brand in business that is aligned to the service you are offering is important because it promotes your values, principles and attitude.  This wasn’t always the case but moving into the 21 century technological era makes branding all the more urgent  to differentiate from artificial intelligence (AI) robots and other technological processes that are creeping their way into our landscape and  society.

Lifestyle & Business Lessons Learnt

Further on reflection, the perception of expert skill or know-how in a particular service can go a long way with customers.   Selling, big or small or between, is a critical function in life and in business.  Problems arise when  we don’t pay attention to our needs, and to the needs of others.  For example,  if you are in business with an amazing service, have you hired a trained sales specialists to sell your services?  On the other hand  who is doing your social media, do you have s digitally intuitive on board.who understands social media and can navigate the digital landscape, it;s invaluable.

On reflection don’t sit and wait for the market to come to you, go to the market.  The job landscape is changing and we won’t have job for life.  Now it becomes more important than ever to get highly trained and become effective sales lead, no matter what job title you have.

Hopefully you will make the time for reflection and have benefited from these thoughts for  this year – stay safe –  Happy Festive Season and Happy New Year

Best in Health, Rejuvency Health Resource    www.rejuvency.com.au

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