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Harness the power of Spices Stevie Parle and Emma Gazette’s Spice Trip

Watch Trip  1 – Chillies- Mexico  Travel to Mexico and find out about chillies

Trip 2 – Cloves- Zanzibar.  Travel to Zanzibar rediscover cloves and make mulled wine oxtail stew, clove and polenta cake.

Watch  Trip 3 – Black Pepper- Cambodia   The world’s most commonly used spice. Visit Cambodia discover its full flavour.

Trip 4 – Nutmeg- Grenada.  Head to Grenada for the country’s main export, nutmeg ‘black gold,” adds more than just flavour.

Trip  5 – Cumin- Turkey.   In Turkey cumin flavours everything from pizza to pastries.

Trip  6 – Cinnamon- Kerala.   In Indian state of Kerala cinnamon reigns. Enjoy braised chicken, ricotta & cinnamon hotcakes.

Watch Nutmeg In Kerala India

Outstanding programs by UK Investigative Journalist Jacques Peretti

The Men Who made us Fat Series 2012

Watch The Men Who Made us Fat    Part 1

Watch  The Men Who Made Us Fat  Part 2

Watch   The Men Who Made us Fat   Part 3

The Men Who Made us Spend Series  2014
The series that lays bare the secrets of why we buy what we buy.

See more  Jacques Peretti is expanding his The Men Who Made Us… franchise with a documentary series about consumer culture.  BBC2 has commissioned The Men Who Made Us Spend from Jamie Oliver’s indie Fresh One Productions. The 3 x 60-minute documentary series follows the investigative journalist as he looks at the development of modern-day spending habits.  It will be filmed in the UK, US and Europe. The Men Who Made Us Spend was commissioned by documentaries commissioning editor Darren Kemp and is series produced by Mike Radford, who has previously worked for ITN.
For more information go to the Open University  Visit Here

Watch  The Men Who Made Us Spend Part    SEries  1
Uncovers the importance of product lifespan  how fashion and aspiration are used by companies like IKEA and Apple to keep us constantly ‘upgrading’ – and how even brand new goods get sent for recycling.

Go to Open Education/Open for  details on Open Education/Open Learn

Series 2    Reveals how fear has a powerful hold over our behaviours – and how this has been exploited by those with products to sell. He meets the men who sold us cigarettes, cars, soap, and even water off the back of our anxieties – and our desire to have those anxieties banished. In Las Vegas, he meets the men promising to sooth our deepest-seated fear of all, of ageing and death.

Series 3   Reveals how the lessons learned from selling to children were used to make childlike consumers of us all.  From the rise of product-driven kids’ TV in the 80s to the man who designed cars that appealed to children and the contemporary creators of games that hook adults.  How spending turned into a game – one that we can’t stop playing.

The Super Rich and Us Series  2014

Watch  The Super Rich and Us  Part 1

Watch The Super Rich and Us  Part 2

Health has to become a Life Skill.

Watch Design Thinking CEO of  IDEO  Tim Brown’s Talk  Health is going through Transformation
The demand for health care is going to double in the next 10 years worldwide.   It currently stands at $6 trill/estimate to $12 trillion.    We can’t run to the doctor every time we are sick.   Sometimes we will have to do that but we will need to take responsibility for our health.

IDEO today is  working  for design thinking are these.
How do we reinvent Health
How do we encourage sustainable Consumption
How do we imagine a new role for media