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Yoga Nutrition Wellness


Yoga, Nutrition & Wellness

Special Yoga Class

Each class combines Yoga Stretches, Ayurveda Health and Mindfulness.  Manage the Mind by developing your practice, the key to high performance in a stressful world.


Product Description

Yoga, Nutrition & Wellness

Each Yoga Class combined Yoga, Ayurveda & Mindfulness

Learn how to:

  • Apply Mindfulness in fast paced, high pressure workplace environments
  • Enhance Focus and Clarity and Reduce Stress and Burnout
  • Train your ‘awareness’ and ‘attention’ muscles

Learnings include scientific evidence behind how mindfulness boosts effectiveness and performance, balance and resilience.

Rejuvency individual mindfulness sessions available on Skype or in person depending on location.

Regular practise of Mindfulness increases energy and creativity and balance and resilience.

To book contact us info@rejuvency.com.au or book online.

Times are locked in, students are required  to commit to all sessions or this program may not suit.