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Rejuvency BodyHealth e-Book


E-Book:   Rejuvency BodyHealth

Ultimate companion Rejuvency Bodyhealth Ayurveda natural health.   Full of practical tips where you will constantly keep coming back for more.


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Product Description

Rejuvency BodyHealth by Suzanne Derok


This Ultimate BodyHealth hand book suits all health goals and a program to assist weight loss, digestion, stress release, immunity, boost constitution naturally.


Chapter One:  Digestion and Health
Understanding Basis of Health
Digestive Process, The Key to Health
Three Qualities of the Mind

Chapter Two:  Healthy Routines
Rasa, The Six Tastes
Seasonal Changes
Daily Lifestyle Routines
Ten Ways to Revitalise

Chapter Three:  Kitchen Essentials
Refresh Your Cupboards
Delicious Healthy Recipes
Health through Digestion

Chapter Four:   Stress, Immunity Packages
Body’s Immunity and Ojas
Weight Loss and Diet
Stress Release
Essential Nutrients

Chapter Five:    Energy Booster Packages
Beauty Skin Care Solutions
Herbal Teas
Spice Flavours

Chapter Six:  Doshas – Body Types
Overview of Doshas
Pitta Dosha
Kapha Dosha
Vata Dosha

Chapter Seven:  Philosophy of Ayurveda and Yoga
Intro to Ayurveda and Yoga
Physiology of Yoga, a Synthesis
Short History of Yoga

Chapter Eight:  BodyHealth Change Programs
Strategies for BodyHealth Success
Rejuvenative Yoga Practice
Range of Natural Health Packages

Appendix A:  What’s Your Body Type Quiz

Appendix B:      Bibliography


What’s Your Body Type Quiz