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Health Education

4 Week Program

Spend less time planning and more time with your family and friends.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind  |  Integrated Health Resources. Whether
you are looking to manage your stress, calm your nervous system,tame
the mind, we can help.   Get started 

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We are available on FRIDAYS to book a personal session, or skype appointment.

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

 3 Month Program

Great Lifestyle | Nutrition | Fitness | Goals

You can do any time to improve your daily healthy living habits, Tame the Mind, Manage Stress

Many of us resist things we know are good for us and may persist with bad habits that we know are holding us back.

Rejuvency Corporate Wellness Services

Rejuvency Corporate Wellness Services




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Executive Health Coaching Program
Invest in your long term health

Spend less time planning and more time with your family and friends.

Create a total healthy lifestyle that suits your needs.  Explore topics from diet, nutrition, holistic natural  lifestyle, exercise, yoga and meditation and tips on daily inspiration.  Total Hifestyle Consults.   Buy Now.     LifeSkills Consultations

Lifestyle Consultations






Complete a 6 month Healthy Life  Mastery Program

What you will learn:

Diet |   Lifestyle Choices |   Cooking |  Ayurveda Knowledge, |  Dosha or Constitution |  Mindful Meditation and Stress Management Training and much more

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