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How Does BodyHealth Work?
BodyHealth have specially put together healthy natural product  packages for weight loss, diet, stress release, immunity, improved sleep, beauty and skin care, personal self care, spices and teas to to help people that want to achieve a healthy state.

What can BodyHealth do for me?
The BodyHealth team have put together specially designed packages that assist weight loss, stress release, immunity, boost constitution naturally and healthily through organic products.

Do you have Teas and Spices?
BodyHealth have selected the finest spices and teas to complement all the healthy BodyHealth packages.

Do you have a Book to explain Packages?
Yes we have specially designed and written  the Rejuvency BodyHealth Hand Book which is very comprehensive and gives a lot of information for you.

Do you have any recipes?
We offer a  number of recipes but suggest you maintain a healthy lifestyle and regular fitness workout. We will be providing workshops and programs later in the year.

Is there a BodyHealth program?
BodyHealth has developed a Health Program to help you put in place strategies to achieve optimum health.

 What benefits do you get from BodyHealth Packs?
Increased energy levels, weight loss, reduced stress levels, improved digestion, sleep, immunity, books constitution naturally and healthily through natural and organic products.

What are the side effects?
Products are from the finest  natural and organic herbs are made locally or imported from Kerala Hospital, the home of Ayurvedic medicine.  Follow instructions and stop if you have any issues. 

How long should I take any BodyHealth Products?
That depends on you.  Products are organic and natural and if taken with instructions there are no side effects.

When can I expect to receive products?
The BodyHealth products are sent within Australia in three days and expect delivery around  fourteen days delivery.

Where do you post?
Currently we ship in Australia only, but we will be expanding that to worldwide.  Watch this space.

Need more information?
Email any questions 

Rejuvency BodyHealth team works very hard to make sure you have a wonderful experience with all the healthy packages.


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BodyHealth Programs Coaching 
Achieve your goals for optimum health

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Knowledge of Ayurveda not required.
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