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Ayurveda Science is the ancient knowledge of medicine for the 21st Century. We set out to create an inspiring, uncomplicated natural health Ayurveda resource that provides you amazing products, nutrition, natural  lifestyle and events.


AYURVEDA  Medicine is a system of traditional medicine originating from India 4,000 years ago. Ayurveda  practices include diet, lifestyle, herbal supplements, massage, to bring body and mind back to optimal level.  The ancient wisdom knowledge of Ayurveda gives in depth insights into the energy centres found within the body. 

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“Relevance of Ayurvedic system of medicine is introduced within backdrop of increasing global interest in preventative medicine. The accessibility, simplicity and holistic aspect of Ayurveda is expressed through experts, patients and practising Ayurvedic doctors”. 

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Ayurveda, ‘Science of Life’ is one of the most ancient
medical, holistic healing systems of preventative
healthcare from India with an extensive history dating
back 3,000 years  Natural Lifestyle 

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Life can easily become unbalanced when it is disrupted,
often the result of mistakes of intellect such as failure to
perceive thingsas they are, or inappropriate use of sense
organs, or poor use of time because even doing the right
thing at the wrong time can become a problem. An example
is not eating food at the best time of day for digestion.

Ayurveda medicine treats the root cause of disease rather
than treat symptoms.  Remedies include diet, cooking
lifestyle changes, herbal supplements, exercise, breathing
techniques, meditation, massage and purification practice.

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Is the sister science to Ayurveda

Traditional Hatha Yoga is not just about postures but working with the body to quieten and master the mind.  Dr H R Nagendra – Teachings  Yoga & Lifestyle modifications : VYASA Yoga   Watch class

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Each session includes yoga stretch , Ayurveda, mindfulness  training to master your mind.

Slowing down the breath helps improve the nervous system, reduce stress and increase energy.



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